A little history

I’m back-dating these first few posts to try to create a sort of timeline.

I actually started the project around Thanksgiving, 2014, but I didn’t start this blog until March 22, 2015.  Anything posted with a date after 3/22/15 is “as it’s happening”, whereas posts with dates earlier than that are “as I remember things”, combined a bit with “as I remember thinking ‘I should start a blog and blog some of this stuff.’ ”

The first bunch of weeks were creating infrastructure upon which I could build the game.  There are details, but they’re not particularly interesting, even to people who enjoy reading dev-blogs.

I think I have a folder with some buggy screenshots that I’ll try to post later, when I find them.  I’ll also take a gander through the checkin logs and try to mention some milestones.

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