Even more history: Dec 2014

(Getting my dev-blog caught up to current (3/15) while skimming the checkin comments and skipping most of the boring bug-fixes, etc.)

* Dec 1 I got it so you can drag gates around the robot interior and the wires behave as expected.  Also added (12/2) the ability to rotate a gate, to make prettier circuitry.  Once you could solder a NOT-gate (aka “power-supply”[1]) to a thruster, the robot started moving.

Woot!  Robot moves!

2 hrs later, the bumpers were correctly working and, using a flip-flop circuit, I created the first “ping-pong”-bot.  (Ping-pong-bot goes left until he bumps something, then goes right until he bumps something, the goes left… like the old “pong” game.)

Woot!  Ping-pong-bot!

[1] If a NOT gate’s input is unconnected, then the output is “hot”, making it a convenient source of power for other circuitry.

* Dec 7 (Pearl Harbor Day) brought another big refactor where the concept of a “walkable” surface was removed as being “just another object, like every other.”  Again, the inner-gerwerkkins of the code were greatly simplified.

* Dec 8, added robot-inventory.  Also, stop all the timers/movement, etc., on app-to-background/app-will-terminate.

* Dec 9: refactor day.
– Refactored object templates out of farm into their own templates db.
– Refactored Mebot (your “avatar”) out of top-level DB and put into farm’s contents.
– Correctly/nicely working farm-save and -restore.

* Dec 11: circuitry uses battery-power, now, and stop working if the battery goes dead.

One of your early-on tasks in the game will be to build a battery charging station (and/or new batteries 🙂 ).  At some point, I’ll have to add the “automated solar-charger” panel so that, if you ever fully kill your only battery, you can get back up & running again to continue the game  Possibly, a fresh battery will be an IAP (in-app-purchase) item.  Either way, the tutorial will need to walk you through keeping your batteries going.

For now, batteries last ridiculously long — you can barely drain them, even if you try.  I think I want power management, as well as building better batteries (learn tech) and more efficient circuitry (learn more tech) to be part of the set of resources you need to manage.  We’ll see how that all shakes out.

* Dec 17: added the “view robot in action” button that allows you to be in the robot’s interior watching/editing the circuitry, but also see the farm, so you can watch what your robot is doing.

* Added “Settings” and a volume control, because few things annoy me more than games that make noise and don’t have their own volume control separate from the device’s master volume.