New Help

Based on the great insight triggered by User Test #1, I’ve been switching things to a more pictographic based help system.  The basic idea is:

  • There’s a main (?) help button that toggles the other help buttons.
  • Things that have help have a littler (?) “this item has help” button toggled show/hide by the main one.
  • When tapped, the little help button triggers a popup with a very simple display showing what that thing does.

I tried to make an animated gif that pictographically — with very little text, just labels for AND, OR, etc. — shows how logic-gates work.  I think that’s one of the most complex concepts in the game so, if I can get that right, everything else should be easy.

I’m no artist, but the concept is there.  I think what I have so far is “meh”; I’m hoping to do better.


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