Money & Inventory

Added money to the game, so we can start buying/selling our farm-wares at the marketplace.  Our marketplace unit of currency is the “coin” (ex: “you have 1,234 coins”), but the gemstone unit — the thing you use to alter the game mechanic (ex: speed-up a harvest) is the “BitBuck”, as in “You can buy 1,000 BitBucks for a single bitcoin”  😉

I also fixed the logic-gates drawer to track inventory.  You’ll start with a few gates to get you going, but then you have to farm & craft to make more, if you want them.

All my “crummy programmer art” (Google image search + sloppy photoshop work) is starting to get on my nerves.  I’ve got an artist lined-up, but have to wait for him to finish a busy project.  I know: “first-world problems”…   🙂

My first partial in-game screenshot.  I’ve been not-posting screenshots because of the not-real-art thing, but maybe I’ll start doing more, then you can see how things transition when we get “good” art!  🙂

The color guy is your “Mebot”, the greyscale one is your starter-robot.  BitBucks & Coins are shown, as well as a bit of the forest, a plowed patch of dirt ready for planting, and your starter work-shed.  Obviously, these items are meant to be upgraded.


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