User Test 2 (UT-2)

Most of my work for the next couple of weeks will be getting ready for user test 2 (UT-2).

UT-1 was basically a test of the help/tutorial system, which was fairly simple, and the soldering mechanic, which is among the most complex parts of the game, in terms of mechanic.  (By that I mean, in terms of what the user has to do — physically, with their finger — in order to accomplish a given task.)  The outcome of UT-1 was (a) the soldering mechanic was just fine, but (b) the help system was too wordy and complicated.

UT-2 will have a completely revamped help/tutorial system that is substantially more self-guided.  That is, rather than walk you through all the bits of the game to teach you, we’re going to walk you through 3 simple things (maybe fewer!), then leave the rest for the user to explore, with optional help on-demand.

To that end, there’s a bit of re-work of the help system, mostly done in terms of infrastructure, though I need to re-make the actual help-content.  I’ll also be adding the “suggested activity” missions, which will act as optional mini-tutorials and carry small in-game rewards.

I’ve also got a weird bug in chips where there’s a delay for the signal going in/out of the chip that I hope to fix, though that could wait for Beta-1.

After UT-2, my main drive will be (a) integrate feedback/things-learned from UT-2 and (b) prepare for Beta.  I’ll talk more about Beta once UT-2 is almost ready to show to people.

NOTE:  I’m currently accepting “I want to be a beta tester” requests, though I don’t expect that to be ready for another 6-8 weeks.  UT-2 is a “closed test”, sorry.

If you want to be on the Beta test, PM me your email for the invite.  I’ll post here a “call for Beta testers” as it gets closer, too.

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