My robot has leaks!


Developer types: worfc is an ARC project.
Non-devs: worfc’s code makes use of an automatic memory management system that tremendously simplifies things for the developers.  By and large, memory-leaks are a thing of the past.  A leak is when you allocate some memory, then don’t release it when you are finished using it.  Over time, your app takes up all of the system’s memory and the user experiences a sudden “crash” as the OS says “sorry, you’re taking up too many resources” and boots the app.  Under ARC, the OS takes care of 99.44% of this on the programmer’s behalf and we generally don’t have to worry about it.

…Except when we do.


Anyway, it’s supposed to be difficult-to-impossible to have leaks under ARC but, in testing UT2, I discovered that I somehow managed to have some.  In addition, I managed to do it in some tricky way that’s difficult for the leaks tools to pinpoint.

“Working on it!”

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