Is it art?

I’ve started browsing artist portfolios looking for something to catch my eye and develop for worfc.


I initially thought that I wanted standard “normal” game art, with a slightly silly/fun bent (in my placeholder art, I use bad-assed Bender as my iconic robot with a “photobomb” by the Android icon.  This makes me smile.)  However, after viewing dozens of portfolios, I’m now remembering all the “sketch-<whatever>” and other games I’ve played with off-beat or “weird” art, and how I’ve rather enjoyed those.

So now I’m trying to decide if I should stick with traditional-style or do something a bit unusual, and my eye has been more drawn toward the unusual.

I probably won’t go full-on cubist or Pollock — for one thing, I’m not even sure how it’d be possible to weave that into a game! — but I’ve been exploring some “alternate” (for iOS games, anyway) styles and am excited to see how they might turn out.

More on that (with screenshots), once I actually connect with an artist and commission some work but, in the mean time, I just wanted to float my thoughts.

If you have ideas (or want to recommend artists!), feel free to mention that in the comments.


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