Very nearly not-done!


Today I finished in-app-purchase, the only income stream from worfc.  It’s not particularly complicated, but there are a lot of small moving parts that have to be assembled just-so.  It’s one of those things where there are no “partial successes”, if any of the myriad little bits aren’t exactly aligned correctly, the whole thing fails catastrophically.

But, it works, now.  Yay!


In other news, I fixed all the various crises surrounding Alpha-2, and put Alpha-3 up a day early (today.)  It’ll be 24-48 hrs for Apple to review it, but there were enough cool new things — and A-2 was enough of a mess — that I just wanted to get A-3 out there before starting the next batch of fixes/additions.  Serendipitously, A-3 is lucky build #777.  🙂

Beta countdown[1]: 7


Also: I’m looking for Beta testers. I’ve got room to handle 1-200, but it takes time to get them all set-up, so I’m starting early[2].  If you’ve got an iPad running iOS7 or later[3], enjoy nerdy games and don’t mind seeing things before they’re fully-baked, drop me a note (or leave a comment) and we’ll get you signed up.

[1] The number of items remaining on my to-do list before I can go beta.  The big, time-consuming one is to get placeholder art for all the gazillion items.

[2] I anticipate Beta-1 in about 2 weeks.  Maybe 1, but I’m not going to rush things.

[3] That’s right, we support iOS7, now!  (Before: iOS8+ only)  🙂

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