Show us your tips!

After finally working through all of the weird “blocks game-play” bugs in the early Beta releases (thanks, RKDA!), I finally got to get back to upgrading the UI, cleaning up content, etc.

One kind of fun thing I added in response to a user-request was a tool-tip alike for the inventory drawers to help differentiate the similar looking items.

I also did a fairly big refactor wherein I removed all of the buttons from objects and replaced with the tap-gesture recognizer.  The end result is very similar to the user, but using gesture recognizers makes it easier to differentiate things like tap and long-press.  The refactor went fairly smoothly, though I briefly had a bug where you couldn’t select anything from inventory; all fixed, now!

Now that we’re in Beta — meaning “all functionality is in-game and accessible”, there isn’t much in the way of new features.  Tool-tips was sort of an exception, but most of the work now-a-days is either reactive — fixing bugs reported by Beta testers — or code-cleanup, content updates/fixes, etc.

I’ve added better logging and more error checking (I’m a big fan of having code that is overly-paranoid and checks for things that are never supposed to happen.  🙂 ), but I guess the big thrust now is to wrap-up the content and tweak all of the cosmetics.

Getting closer!

Countdown to ship: 126

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