Now, with even *MORE* fun!

A couple of posts back, I wrote about how I was trying to add more to do and more fun things to do in the game.  I got about half way through my big list back then, and promised more, soon.

Well, “soon” is here!

There’s still plenty-more to come, but I got all the way through my “first” list of fun things I intended to add.

And that brings us to Beta 1.5, submitted to Apple, awaiting the 1-2 day review process to release it to beta testers.  I’m excited; things are really shaping up nicely.

Countdown: 126 “bottles of beer on the wall.”

It didn’t go down very much this week, but that’s because, even though I closed-out dozens of items, we found almost-as-many new ways to make things even better.

It sounds like a delay — and I guess it is — but it’s good because the game is leaving the realm of “meh” and entering the world of “hey, this is kind of fun!”  And the track is all pointed in The Right Direction.


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