The Last Mile…

We’re in a funny stage of production where there are a zillion things to do, but half of them aren’t outwardly visible and the other half should probably wait, just because we’re so close to shipping it’d be a shame to break everything at this point.


I did find a rather gnarly security hole that I’d intended to plug months ago but forgot.   (“Use the bug-base, Luke…!”  😉 )  It was a bit scary, since I had to re-do both login and save and, if I screwed it up, it would mean everyone’s farms would be reset until I could manually fix them, which is a long and tedious process.

Fortunately, the the change was also small and straightforward, and I was able to do it in little bits and test along the way.  In the end, it was a lot of nervous-paranoia over nothing, and now farm security is substantially improved.

I also took some time to tackle power (robot-battery) usage, which was still stuck in the placeholder-numbers phase that I set back when the on/off switch was implemented.  My changes came as a bit of a shock to the most circuit-intensive beta tester, but we agreed that they were, overall, an improvement, and much smaller changes could be made going forward, if needed.

But, as a result of all that, I also implemented “you can upgrade your robot’s battery”, this afternoon.  It’s the only upgrade at the moment, but it’s an important one and, as things progress, now the infrastructure exists to implement other robot-upgrades, as we decide to implement them.

So, the main thing we’re waiting for now is final art.  I’m expecting the last of the trees and other misc art in the next few days, then it’s just the icon, splash and avatar.  To be honest, I’d be ok releasing v1.0 with the current splash and a minor tweak to the icon that I can do myself, so it’s really just the sprite-sheet for the robot.  I’m told that’ll be a week or two, so I’ll look to have some productive time while waiting for that.

Unfortunately, I sort of have to wait until the final art before I can re-do the help animations.  Maybe I’ll just put those off until after v1.0.  Or maybe I can do them during the week-long review period, and just push them as an update immediately upon release.  Or something, I’m not sure, yet.

Anyway… I just wanted to post a quick “what’s up”, since it’s been a couple of weeks.  Things are happening, but it’s mostly just “getting ready to submit” stuff.  And the few items I mentioned.

“Soon!”  🙂

P.S.  It’s been “7 bottles of beer on the wall”* for a while, now, but they’re all paperwork things like “integrate the final artwork” and “update the web-site with the App-store URL” — stuff like that.

* “_#_ bottles of beer on the wall” is the phrase I’ve been using to mark the countdown of the number of tasks left on my to-do list until we ship v1.0.

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