It is finished!

Today (11:03am, Sep 22, 2015), almost exactly 11 months after starting on this Grand Adventure, I sent “Final Candidate-1” to beta testing.


“Final Candidate” is software-project talk for “if you can’t think of a good reason why we shouldn’t do this, this is the piece of software we’re going to ship to customers”.  In this case, the only change between the accepted (QA-approved) FC and the shipping v1.0 of the product will be a change of version number (to “v1.0”; it’s currently v0.9.0 and, if we have to fix something, the next FC will be 0.9.1, etc.)

Actually, I guess things are really just starting, eh?  But this phase is finished, and I’m surprised at the degree to which my relief is felt physically.  Yay!

Ok, onward & upward — here we go!  🙂

Business slogans on a road sign exit

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