WoRFC gets its “Leet-wings”

Heh.  We added case# 1337 today, now the WoRFC database is officially “Leet”  😉


Ok, it’s been a while since I posted; time for a quick catch up…

v1.0 hit the App Store on 10/8.  It’s been going pretty well.  One user found a crazy login bug that, luckily, no one else experienced.  I was able to remove the offending code from the server immediately, then test & fix offline.  (It was a part of the login process that removes ever-growing transaction records from your farm data and puts them into the database, so the only side effect of it being disabled for a week or two is that farms grow bigger.  They’ll shrink down again once I re-enable that code.)


v1.0.2 (which included planned-changes for v1.0.1) had a bunch of small bug fixes.  Nothing too terrible, but stuff that needed to be done.

v1.1 (“Content & Help cleanup”) hit the app store yesterday.  As the title suggests, it mostly contained cleanup of the help screens and other content (images, sounds, etc.) tweaks.

As each new build hits the store, I submit the next, so we’ll continue with approximately-weekly updates (gated mostly by Apple’s review times, which have been running 7-8 days).  v1.2 will be “UI cleanup” and generally just smooths-over a lot of the UI, making things easier to use.

You can see the upcoming planned updates through v1.7 — again, “approximately weekly” (gated by Apple review) — on our release notes page.

After v1.7, we’ll continue doing updates, but less frequently.  This should allow us to tackle bigger feature-sets and do bigger/better things.  Actually, v1.7 (focus on soldering experience) might be a 2-week update.  We’ll see.  Maybe there’ll be a v1.8 “soldering-experience, part 2” or some such.  Soldering has improved a lot since the beginning, but it’s still a weak spot in the game and, since it’s a key part of game-play, we want to make it uber-smooth.

(The other weak-spot in the game is the “first 10-minutes” experience, which continues to get better, but still has lots of room for improvement.)

As always, we’d love to hear your comments.  You can put them here on the blog, in the forums (“Gameplay Feedback”, “Bug Reports”, etc.), on our Facebook page or file a bug from in-game.

Onward & upward!


WoRFC’s Up goer 5

(World of RoboFarmCraft explained using only the ten-hundred most common English words.)


At the end, World of Made-man/Make-trees/Make-things is a growing game where one puts baby tree parts in the ground and takes the grown tree parts.


However, instead of you doing the putting yourself, you tell made-men to do the putting for you. The telling is done by showing the made legs, eyes, hands (to pick-up or drop things) and sticks (also made) either to first power or through simple thinking boxes (AND, OR, NOT…)

“Made-men make-trees.”

Simple things (wood, baby tree parts, wet ground) can be made into things, which can be used to make more better trees and the things to pick them faster, and also make more made-men.

“Made-men make-trees and things.”

You can buy and give-for-money from the tree-making place of a friend, visit other people’s tree-making places, grow and form groups.

“World of Made-man Make-trees Make-things.”

Thanks to #upGoerFive

The start of it all.