WoRFC’s Up goer 5

(World of RoboFarmCraft explained using only the ten-hundred most common English words.)


At the end, World of Made-man/Make-trees/Make-things is a growing game where one puts baby tree parts in the ground and takes the grown tree parts.


However, instead of you doing the putting yourself, you tell made-men to do the putting for you. The telling is done by showing the made legs, eyes, hands (to pick-up or drop things) and sticks (also made) either to first power or through simple thinking boxes (AND, OR, NOT…)

“Made-men make-trees.”

Simple things (wood, baby tree parts, wet ground) can be made into things, which can be used to make more better trees and the things to pick them faster, and also make more made-men.

“Made-men make-trees and things.”

You can buy and give-for-money from the tree-making place of a friend, visit other people’s tree-making places, grow and form groups.

“World of Made-man Make-trees Make-things.”

Thanks to #upGoerFive

The start of it all.

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