Movin’ On Up!

World of RoboFarmCraft just keeps getting better!

I’ve done pretty well keeping to my one-per-week update schedule and the app is definitely improving by leaps & bounds with each release.


Apple’s initial review times were 8 days, so I kept getting scooted back by a day.  Then I accidentally released v1.3 with a crashing bug (after only 3 days waiting for review!), so v1.3.1 is sitting in the queue (5 days so far) waiting to fix that.

But I just sent v1.4 to QA, and I think it’s looking pretty solid.  There, we add the social stuff — achievements that can be shared on Facebook or Twitter, “Rate This App”, etc.

I also substantially reduced a lot of the prices, including the cost to hurry things up.  And the tools times (hoeing, planting, sawing) are all reduced by 15%.  So that’s pretty nice.

So, once 1.3.1 is approved, we can put 1.4 into the queue for Apple’s approval, and that should hit the streets in about a week and a half.

I’ve got 2 more updates before Thanksgiving weekend, when I hope to put in the last big release before Christmas.  We’ve got a few ideas, and I’m pretty excited about getting them out to the public.

Looking forward to 2016, we may slow down the release cycle a bit and start taking on some bigger features.  We’ll see how it all pans out, but that’s the current plan.

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