I, for one…

Welcome our new robotic overlords!  🙂

v1.5 is out (Dec 8, 2015), and it comes with an entirely updated first-few-minutes user experience about which we’re really excited.


This looks like some good, fertile farmland…


Russ is an old, “leftover” robot who has some decent technology that we use to demonstrate how things work.  You can’t really modify Russ except in very basic, tutorial ways but, once we demonstrate how to get things started, your “real” robot appears and the “old” set of tutorials start there.

Some things that I really like about Russ (a friend’s idea — thanks, Mikey!) are:

  • He does a nice job of demonstrating how various parts of the robot work.
  • He provides a convenient platform from which to give the new player “rewards” of additional logic gates as progress is made, without having to clutter the new user experience with potentially confusing items.
  • He provides templates of different circuits that the user can copy, if desired.
  • The “Russ-based tutorials”, which advance through some fairly technical ideas, are on a separate, parallel track to the “regular” missions, meaning you can take them at your own pace, and still continue with the main mission track.
  • After completing all of the Russ-tutorials, you get to salvage Russ for a big reward-bounty.

I’m a little worried that the Russ missions might still be too much “telling” and not enough “showing”, but I think they’re a good start, a massive improvement over the previous startup experience, and it should be simple to evolve them toward excellence as we get more user feedback.

The other big thing that happened in v1.5 is that a lot of BitBuck prices were reduced, some quite substantially, so that’s nice.  🙂

Happy Holidays!