Optimizations and More Loot!

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v1.6 just hit the app store and, within the next few days I’m planning to submit v1.6.5, which includes stuff that I intended for v1.6 but was taking too long.

The big new thing in 1.6.5 that most players will care about is:





We’re introducing new, craft-able power-saws — saws which produce much more material (wood, ironwood, beachwood, gates, etc.), faster, at the expense of creating fewer seeds.

In addition, there are seed-strippers — different kinds that specialize in different types of seeds — that can be used to maximize seed-output (at the expense of material).

So you’ll have better control over your farming output, which is nice.

1.6.5 also introduces optimizations, purchasable upgrades that make hoeing, planting and sawing more efficient (faster).

But the big item — the Super Fat Lootz! item — is the Daily Loyalty Bonus.  Login and play each day*, and take a spin on the Payout-O-Matic.  I’ve been testing with this for a while — it’s almost ready to send to QA — and I have to say: it’s pretty cool!  For the first few days, the payouts are small-ish — a few wood, some charcoal, etc — but, after a few days, you get a chance at some advanced materials, some circuitry, doublers & triple-ers… all the way up to the chance to win an additional robot!



I’m pretty jazzed to get it out into the world.  I hope y’all like it!

Ok, I better get back to work, so I can submit this next update!  🙂



*  The “play each day” mechanism is based on logging-in (or auto-save, which happens every 10 min of play) on a different in-a-row calendar day, “server-time”, which is Pacific.

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