Bah, fooey — bugs!

Grr, mutter, grumble!

Sorry — my users are the ones who should be <Grr, mutter, grumble>-ing — that was on their behalf.


In v1.9, one of the really cool updates was a re-work of the inventory view which, prior to that release, was a bit clumsy.  v1.9 still wasn’t perfect as, for some unknown reason, I decided to make the view modal, rather than floating, but that got fixed in v1.10

What I didn’t notice until _after_ v1.10 hit the App Store was that v1.9 broke the early-on tutorials-mission chain, making one of the missions not-complete-able, so you got stuck early in the tutorial and couldn’t progress.

(You can still play every aspect of the game, you just can’t do the tutorial missions that teach you about how the game works.  “Early user experience” has been an area of focus for a while and I thought I had it pretty solid.)

Anyway, I’ve submitted v1.10.1 with the fix, but I’m bummed that I missed this and have to wait another week or so for the Apple review process.  Maybe I’ll luck-out and it’ll only be a few days.

The bug has to do with the fact that one of the goals in the Nodes & Power  mission is to open the gates inventory view and select a Node from it, and the “Mission goal complete: open gates view” code is in the old-style gates drawer, not the new all-in-one inventory view.  Again, fixed in v1.10.1.

<sigh…>  Sorry about that!  It was a strange set of unexpected consequences due to the data-driven nature of the app.




In more positive news, v1.11 is coming along, and will have more cooler bonuses, treasure & loot, including VIP levels.  🙂


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