Robo Sim-Craft

(Author’s note: If you enjoy this article (and/or the game), please share/repost/propagate it on social media.  It helps to support the continuing development effort.  Thanks!)

I’ve been playing some Factorio lately; it’s pretty fun.  If you’re not familiar, it’s another “build robots to do the work for you” game; the visuals are a bit like Warcraft2 or the early Sim-City-s and the play-mechanic is a bit like Mincraft crossed with WoRFC.  (The developers cite the BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft Minecraft mods as influences.)

In addition to being a great source of ideas for future updates of WoRFC, it also serves as an inspirational tale of a small team of independents making a go at developing their dream game.  It’s been around since 2012 and is developing into quite a mature product.  The game wiki is amazingly thorough, which I have taken as an inspiration to spend more time working on the WoRFC wiki.

I submitted v1.12 to Apple for review yesterday.  It was mostly a hodge-podge of wish-list items, bug fixes and minor tweaks, but one of the big new features was the addition of background music.


There are only a few “songs” for now — really just combinations of looping tracks — but I wanted to get the music-player tested and delivered.  Now that that’s out, it will be easy to add additional tracks/loops/songs as they become available.

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