Hello, it’s me…

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Hey there, it’s been a while.  Sorry to be out of touch for so long; last June, I accepted a full time position at Google doing iOS development (perhaps they were impressed by World of RoboFarmCraft…?!)  It’s a pretty nice place to work, but the learning curve is amazingly steep, and I’ve spent the past 6 months with my brain completely full and overflowing, leaving little time for WoRFC.  Things are finally starting to settle-in over there, and I hope to spend Q1 of this year developing a strategy that allows me to spend more time updating the game.

Ok, where was I…?

Oh cripes, Messaging!!!  Well, that didn’t ship when intended; sorry!  Hmmm, looks like I’ll need to re-evaluate what are the important things to do next.  I suppose first I’ll need to dig out all the old code & documentation and make sure everything’s in order.


A thing that you can do to help out is to let your friends know about WoRFC (App-Store link).  We had a burst of new users over the holidays and the more users we have, the more feedback we get, the more cool stuff we develop — so sign them up!  (Also, you get crew bonuses for connecting-up that way!)

In the mean time, I mostly just wanted to check-in and let y’all know where things are at.  I’ll try to stay more in touch, going forward.

Oh yeah, in other news: I finally made my 1st (2nd owned, 1st crafted) robot in my “real” (not test-bed or super-user) farm.  Woot!